Reversible Tracing Alphabet Board


This reversible board is a great tool to learn, practice and play with letters!

One side has uppercase letters and the other side lowercase letters. This board is in Finnish/ Swedish alphabet.

Hand made from pine tree in EU. The wood finnishing and edges are smooth. The board is covered with natural laquer safe for kids.

Recommended for +3 years old kids.


Learning letters can be fun and easy. By using this board your child will easier understand how letters look like and how to navigate the hand to write them.

This board also can be used for other activities that will help to practice already gained knowledge:

  • Discover the difference between shapes of the letters. How letter A looks like in uppercase and lowercase form?
  • Tracing the letters with wooden pen or your finger is so nice!
  • Fiil the letters with sand, seeds or maybe even some raisins!
  • Place paper on top of the board and rub the crayon! You will get a nice print of the board on the paper. You can color the letters! Cut the paper and create word CAT, HOUSE or maybe your name!
  • Use play dough to get impressions of the letters! Then place different object in play dough to get amazing art piece!

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